Bhat: A Bard; Poet
Bhatra: A corruption of the word Bhat-Rai. The title of ‘Rai’ was given to the disciple of Guru Nanak, Bhai Changa ji, his followers became known as ‘Bhatras’
Bhat Sikhs are not a caste but a Sikh sub-group, whose members are from all areas of the Sikh spectrum. One therefore finds Rajput, Jat, and Khatri surnames in the Bhat community.
Sikhism itself recognizes no caste, and we are in no way promoting sub-groups or the caste system, or showing any superiority towards the Bhat Sikh Community or any other community, but simply to widen the knowledge and understanding, and whilst also rectifying the many misconceptions and legends of the Bhat Sikh Community have given explanations and information of the Bhats, to the best of their abilities, and hopes that in some small way it helps and explains the wider issues surrounding the history and place in Sikhi of the Bhat Sikh community.

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