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UK born Guy Singh Digpal has been selected by Budapest Bank with stiff competition from worldwide candidates, as the character 'Dalbir Kerdez' in their advertising campaigns.


Guy Singh has previoulsy featured in many British television programmes and acted in Coronation Street, Band of Gold amd Trainspotting, and even in the Hollywood blockbuster 'A League of Extra-Ordinary Gentlemen' starring Sean Connery.

This is a great achievemnet and a proud moment for Sikhs, as Guy has managed to break the mould and appear in mainstream televison as a fully bearded and turbanned Sikh. 

To view the Budapest Bank TV commercials: 


New Entry for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
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In the updates for 2012 it has been announced there will be four new Sikh entries in the DNB database of Oxford National Biography. Among these four Sikhs, we are proud to reveal that two of the Sikhs are Bhat SIkhs, namely Sundar Singh Sagar and Harnam Singh Koumi.
Sundar Singh was a pioneering Sikh and fought throughout his life for the rights of Sikhs, amongst his memorable campaigns were the right for Sikhs to wear a turban whilst working for the Manchester Buses, a campaign which took almost nine years, and in the 1974 he was instrumental in taking the case of the Turban-helmet to the forefront until it was passed in parliament that Sikhs could ride a motorbike wearing a turban.
Harnam Singh Koumi was one of the earliest Bhat Sikh in Britain, and a key figure of Bhat Community, a freedom fighter, political activist, active in the defence of Shaheed Udham SIngh, war-time Secretary of the Khalsa Jatha British Isles (Shepherds Bush Gurdwara) and amongst the founding members of the Gurdwaras in Bristol and Cardiff.


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